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Jet Setters Group offers its members access to a wide range of propositions across key consumer markets, including dining, travel, entertainment and premium retail. By combining the buying power of its membership, the Group helps members secure attractive, and often unique, access, service levels, offers and benefits, meaning they can achieve better and more cost-effective outcomes, more conveniently than they could on their own. These services are all made available to members to search and book online through the Group's market-leading lifestyle and travel proprietary digital platform, the "Jet Setters Group App".


Business or pleasure, our concierge and event services are designed so that everything is delivered to our members and tailored to their requirements. From last minute reservations to front row tickets and bespoke travel planning - we are the service for those who want to enjoy the very best life has to offer.

Whether you’re a family, a single executive who travels, or a newly-wed couple, our experienced team create fully integrated programs that enable us to take care of the things in life you can’t fit into your hectic day. After all, it’s often the most ordinary tasks that prove to be the most stressful and time-consuming.

Jet Setters produces bespoke events and experiences for cross-sector global brands and organizations. Our event solutions are designed to deliver more than entertainment, more than luxury venues or elegant catering. Our emphasis on client satisfaction ensures that we execute all directives with expertise and precision.

We invite members to explore a new paradigm

of luxury lifestyle management, including access to elite lifestyle experiences. A place where discretion, safety, privacy, and confidentiality are rigorously protected every step of the way.

Our Quintessence of Service



We believe that most important works are done backstage. We understand that not everyone wants to be on display and that sometimes confidentiality is not just a luxury, but a necessity.