Private Concierge

If you can dream it, we can do it

More than a lavish luxury, Jet Setters Concierge is a practical and convenient way to help you save time, increase efficiency and revitalize your current lifestyle. A global provider of concierge services, our memberships are designed to enhance your lifestyle both at work and at home while providing you with any amenity you desire.

From luxury travel planning, access to the best restaurants and exclusive events to your entertainment and hospitality needs, Jet Setters can take care of everything for you while you make the most of your time and life.

What We Do

We are revered for taking our client’s wildest explorations, vacation fantasies, dreams and experiences and, making them a reality, a provision that is inaccessible through a generic concierge company. Here at Jet Setters Group, we understand that the premier details of our unique services are options tailored around your interests, preferences, passions and budget.


We’ve spent years building and nurturing strong relationships with partners and vendors in the luxury travel, entertainment and lifestyle industries to ensure your unrelenting satisfaction  for your entire needs.

We offer one point of contact for all of our clients. Simply login to your account on our app, and submit your request or contact directly your own personal concierge who will take care of everything for you, allowing you to carry on with your day without disturbance. And we’ll save you the most precious commodity: time.


Our members receive a highly tailored service that is proactive and pre-empts their lifestyle needs. Each recommendation and booking is specific to each individual client. There is no right solution for everyone, but there is a right solution for you.

We’re here to guide you, to inspire you, to tailor your requests in luxury travel, entertainment and lifestyle based on your exact requirements, tastes and preferences. We invite you to escape the ordinary and enter into the extraordinary world offered through bespoke luxury concierge services for our members.

Jet Setters has the experience & resources to make your wishes a reality. By leveraging industry networks and preferential relationships with hundreds of global partners, Jet Setters Concierge’s specialists have the resources and knowledge to carry out any request to your exact specifications.