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- Your Company's Personal Assistant -

Jet Setters Group are dedicated to the recognition of excellence in all aspects of its operations. With our bespoke corporate membership, the ultimate employee assistant, enjoy all the benefits of a private membership as well as flexible solutions to the company.


An essential business tool, our corporate concierge services create solutions to manage personal responsibilities and maximize efficiency by saving your employees valued time, energy and resources.

As an integrated digital agency, Jet Setters Group offers a multichannel solution that is accessible anytime, from anywhere, to meet your employee needs. Our mobile application allow total independence for users to complete their search through connected devices, to reach the concierge services, and to benefit from partner offers and stay informed about upcoming events.

Our corporate program is designed to deliver results way beyond expectations. With our 24/7/365 availability, we enhance your corporate portfolio. Jet Setters Group provides support to members, through corporate solutions, to meet their business objectives, enhance brand perception and deliver a perfect work-life balance.

Supporting your employees in their work-life balance is the key to increasing their performance and their commitment to your company. Making their lives easier, helping them save time and simplifying their life is the leitmotif of each of our concierges.

Jet Setters Corporate Concierge bespoke programs are designed to help businesses increase their success by creating strong recognition programs, that translate into successful relationships with their employees and ultimately their customers.

We are experts in the language of discretion and confidentiality. We are dynamic, responsible and intuitive. We are proactive, and excel at management and development, executed in urban style.

Anchor corporate events

Event Production & Management

 Our event management staff are experts in the industry and aim to exceed our client’s expectations at every turn. 

Jet Setters understand the significance of promoting, branding, and meeting organizational goals and objectives for corporate and non-profit events. We produce bespoke events and experiences for cross-sector global brands and organizations. 

We are dedicated to exceeding expectations while producing positive results that showcase our clients’ image and safeguard their brand identity. Our emphasis on client satisfaction ensures that we execute all directives with expertise and precision.


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