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- Peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -


Whether you’re a family, a single executive who travels, or a newly-wed couple our experienced team create fully integrated programs that enable us to take care of the things in life you can’t fit into your hectic day. After all, it’s often the most ordinary tasks that prove to be the most stressful and time-consuming.

Your Lifestyle Manager, chosen from our most experienced experts, will sync their calendar with yours, ensuring that you have first-hand assistance wherever you are in the world at a moment’s notice. Jet Setters Lifestyle Managers always preempts the unexpected to ensure total satisfaction.

Jet Setters Group offers an extensive range of confidential services, devoted to simplifying the daily lives of our Members, in a wholly personalized manner. The list of our services and the possibilities we offer are unlimited, as is the imagination of our clients. No request is too difficult, nothing is impossible. We maintain a roster of no more than one hundred individually treated clients, so to ensure our high standards and irreproachable service.

Our Lifestyle Managers are trustworthy professionals, entirely at your disposal; one who not only tends to all aspects of your everyday life, but also anticipates your personal and family needs, thus allowing you to focus on what is really most important to you.

Your Lifestyle Manager acts according to your preferences, by paying attention to every detail and treating your private life & schedules with superlative care. We put quality above quantity by capping our number of Elite Members.

Our Members value free time more than anything. Not only do we aim to provide them with more time to enjoy themselves, but also to assist them in finding the best ways for them to enjoy this time.

We are experts in the language of discretion and confidentiality. We are dynamic, responsible and intuitive. We are proactive, and excel at management and development, executed in urban style.


Throughout your Membership they will be devoted to your contentment, looking for opportunities to enhance your experience every time you use the service. Their goal will be to get to know what you want without you having to say it and suggest events and services wherever you are in the world.

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